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April 19, 2011

Celebrate National Poetry Month with 32 Poems. We’re sharing more than 215 favorite poetry books suggested by 43 poets in 30 days—and we’re sharing them with you.

Thanks to Reb Livingston for the inspiration behind this idea. Each year, she invites poets to share their favorite books in December.

Through this celebration, we hope to:

1. Promote the work of writers who may be new to you. Someone already wrote me to say they bought a few of the books recommended by John Poch on Day One.

2. Promote the work of the writers who volunteer to share their recommendations. At the end of each post, you’ll notice a juicy bio—often with links to the writer’s projects. I hope you take a moment to find out what they are working on these days.

The schedule of writers follows. Please feel welcome to share it on your blog. We’re creeping into the month of May, which shows poetry can’t be contained to just one month.

April 1: John Poch
April 2: Jonterri Gadson
April 3: Eric Weinstein
April 4: M.E. Silverman
April 5: Arielle Greenberg
April 6: Lucy Biederman
April 7: Eric Pankey
April 8: David Lehman
April 9 AM: Collin Kelley
April 9 PM: J.J. Penna
April 10: Jennifer Atkinson
April 11: Luke Johnson
April 11: Interview with Terri Witek
April 12: Holly Karapetkova
April 13: Daniel Nester
April 14 AM: Donald Illich
April 14 PM: Ravi Shankar
April 15: Carolina Ebeid
April 16: M. Scott Douglass
April 17 AM: Adam Vines
April 17 PM: Erica Dawson
April 18: Elizabeth J. Coleman
April 19: Bernadette Geyer
April 20 AM: Sally Molini
April 20 PM: Amit Majmudar
April 21: Kelli Russell Agodon
April 22: Jeannine Hall Gailey
April 23: George David Clark
April 24 AM: Ren Powell
April 24 PM: Dan O’Brien
April 25: Randall Mann
April 25: Andrew Kozma
April 26 AM: Mary Biddinger
April 27 AM: Juliana Gray
April 27 PM: Carrie Jerrell
April 28: Steven Allen May
April 29: Erin Elizabeth Smith
April 29: Joshua Gray
April 30: Rachel Zucker
May 1: Erika Meitner
May 2: Caki Wilkinson
May 5: Andrea Hollander Budy
May 6: Lisa Russ Spaar
May 7: January Gill O’Neil
May 10: Brian K. Spears

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