Prose Features

Spring/Summer 2015


“Carbon Based”: Emilia Phillips interviews David Tomas Martinez

“Double Life”: Emilia Phillips interviews Sarah Blake

“Still the World”: Emilia Phillips interviews Ryan Teitman


The Nature of the Oracle:
Katie Ford’s Blood Lyrics
by Colleen Abel

World-Making Through Lexicon and Object:
Eric Linsker’s La Far
by Connor Fisher

Contributors’ Marginalia:

“Sharpened Sticks”: David Yezzi on Brett Foster’s “Upon News of the Important Fossil”

Fall/Winter 2014


A Place of Could-Have-Been:
Emilia Phillips interviews Brittany Cavallaro

In Our Living World:
Emilia Phillips with Corey Van Landingham

A Single Step Over and Over:
Emilia Phillips with Chloe Honum

Poetry As a Way of Thinking:
Emilia Phillips with James Arthur

Can’t Be Created or Destroyed:
Emilia Phillips with Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.


In Search of New Worlds:
Sandra Lim’s The Wilderness
by Rosanna Oh

Domestic Commotion:
Lilah Hegnauer’s Pantry
by Cassie Pruyn

Mind of Winter:
Rowan Ricardo Phillips’s Heaven
by John Poch

Form and Kinks:
Peter Kline’s Deviants
by Casey Thayer

Magnetic Moments:
W. S. Di Piero’s Tombo
by Erik Noonan

Knock, Breathe, Shine:
Hailey Leithauser’s Swoop
by Emily Wolahan


The Genius of the Medium: Identity and Alterity in Poetic Practice
by Bruce Bond

Why Poems Don’t Make Sense
by Matthew Buckley Smith

Contributors’ Marginalia:

“Classroom Marginalia”: on Brittany Perham’s “Double Portrait”, Charles Harper Webb’s “We Rarely Mark When They’ve Occured”, and Ricardo Paul-Llosa’s “Reflections at MMA Masters, Miami”

“32 Cento”: by Brittany Perham

“Two Griefs”: Katy Didden on Brittany Perham’s “Double Portrait”

“Aesthetics are not Empathy”: Elizabeth Barnett on Amit Majmudar’s “Training Course”

“The Cure”: Rob Griffith on Enid Shomer’s “Bald”

“A Wholesome Vanity”: Marginalia: L.S. Klatt on Gregory Fraser’s “I Must Be a God”

“Leave-Takings and Letting Go”: Alexandra van de Kamp on Cecily Parks’s “Aubade with Bicycle”

“Poet’s Math”: Hannah Stephenson on Alexandra van de Kamp’s “Lost Earring”

“‘Moths’ and Me”: A.E. Stallings on Brian Barker’s “Moths”

“And What If What’s Beyond This is No Feeling?”: Kjerstin Kauffman on Katy Didden’s “Eve of the Ascent”

Hesitation and the Poetic Metaphor: Brianna Noll on Kai Carlson-Wee’s “The Cloudmaker’s Key”

Hog in Sloth, Fox in Stealth, Wolf in Greediness, Dog in Madness, Lion in Prey: Amit Majmudar on Lance Larsen’s “Work Experience”

Spring/Summer 2014


The Glorious Sexy Ugly:
Kara Candito with Justin Bigos

No End to What Can Be Imagined:
Don Share with Emilia Phillips

All Poets are Mutts:
Robin Ekiss with Emilia Phillips

Light on the Page:
Allison Benis White with Emilia Phillips

Full Trajectory:
Tom Sleigh with Emilia Phillips

What the Poem Requires:
Randall Mann with Peter Kline

Jumping Rope With Sidewalk Chalk:
Mary Biddinger with Emilia Phillips

To Cast Ourselves Backwards and Forewards:
Rebecca Hazelton with Emilia Phillips

Against a Bad Hammer:
Chad Davidson with Emilia Phillips


Love and Fame:
Alfred Corn’s Tables
by Benjamin Myers

The Let’s Be Friends Manifesto:
Rachel Zucker’s The Pedestrians and Joshua Beckman’s The Inside of an Apple
by Kathryn Nuernberger

Michael McClure’s Ghost Tantras
by Maggie Millner

To Go On Living There With Everything:
Joshua Robbins’s Praise Nothing
by Michele Poulos

Rebecca Hazelton’s Vow
by Brandon Amico

Metaphysical Courage:
Bruce Beasley’s Theophobia
by Luke Hankins

Quiet Devastation:
Bridget Lowe’s At the Autopsy of Vaslov Nijinksky
by Christine Kitano

Mary Biddinger’s O Holy Insurgency
by Ross Losapio


Poetry and Community
by Bruce Bond

Contributors’ Marginalia:

Animal Fact: Joseph Chapman on Jordan Windholz’s “Bestiary”
A Poem of Force: Catherine Staples on Brian Brodeur’s “Young Achilles”
A Landscape Adequate to Loss: Nancy Reddy on Christian Wiman’s “Keynote”
Intrigue at an Impasse: Callie Siskel on Alessandra Lynch’s “Magnolia”
Dream as Canvas: Jordan Windholz on Kevin Thomason’s “Ledger of Joseph”
For Want: Amy Beeder on Jordan Windholz’s “The Shepherd’s Song”

Fall/Winter 2013


Maybe the Poem Doesn’t Give a Shit: Gary Jackson with Emilia Phillips
Who Isn’t Curious?: Keith Ekiss with Emilia Phillips
Look! He’s Moving!: Alan Shapiro with Emilia Phillips


The Soul’s Country: Patrice de la Tour du Pin’s Psalms of All My Days
by Luke Hankins

Contributors’ Marginalia:

A Poem After Tomás Q. Morín’s “Saudades”: Wesley Rothman on Tomás Q. Morín’s “Saudades”
Off Highway 395: Shara Lessley on Michael Lavers’s “Bow City”
The Quick, The Dead: Ryan Wilson on Wesley Rothman’s “From the Book of the Living”
The Tar and Feathers of Daydream: Zachariah McVicker on Tomás Q Morín’s “Saudades”
A Manifesto for Sensory Deprivation: Sarah Rose Nordgren on Bruce Bond’s “The Abyssal Plain”
The Patient and the Volatile: David Moolten on Shara Lessley’s “Dynamite: A Prelude”
Earth’s Temple: Michael Lavers on Leslie Bohn’s “Iconography”
What’s In a Nickname: J. Allyn Rosser on Steve Scafidi’s “Pig Fucker’s Wife”
A Pilgrim Chaucer Never Mentioned: Lisa Ampleman on Zachariah McVicker’s “The Apostate’s Addendum”
Shudderlights: Christopher Kondrich on J. Allyn Rosser’s “Throne Switch Thrown”
Connection and Estrangement: Bruce Bond on Doug Ramspeck’s “How Humans Came to Love”