Steve Scafidi

Pig Fucker’s Wife

Is how she signed the beautiful card to Nick
who gave her husband his name long ago
when Josh was a teenager and Pig Fucker

made everyone laugh. And the alternate
names and secret codes of bullshit live on
even though Pig Fucker hasn’t worked here

in the shop for years, although we get a card
every year at x-mas from Pig Fucker and Pig
Fucker’s wife. And China Boy is as pale and

precious as a china doll and he works now as
a cabinetmaker in Manhattan which sounds
like magic—a cabinetmaker in Manhattan—

and China Boy is a name Chris despises though
it is better than One Eyed Fuck Face and so
China Boy in his turn named someone else

Little Baby Jesus because Little Baby Jesus
was so young and innocent seeming when
he started at the shop and now Baby Jesus

is a librarian somewhere and of course every
cabinet shop in America must have a Malmo,
a Shmendrick, an Opie Dopie and a G. And

an old man named Mr. Martin who lives now
in a Home for years was our upholsterer
hard of hearing who confused the name Kevin

with Cabin and called Kevin Cabin until one day
he could not remember even that though he knew
the name was some kind of homemade thing,

like a lean-to and called him Shack with
a —ck and so we do too today. And many now
are gone like Iron Man, Dude and Drizzle Drip.

Where are you, Drizzle Drip? Your mother can call
you Drew but when you come back to the shop
one day with your beard shaved off and making

lots of money doing something legitimate and show
off your wife and children to us we will greet you
with open arms happy to know you are doing so well.

We are six-tenths of a mile down Allder School
Road over the creek up the washboard road back
in the barn you may remember. Perhaps you have

a name for it—this place that is neither heaven nor hell
where the knuckleheads and hucklebucks remember
you still. This ramshackle shining you once knew well.

Steve Scafidi’s forthcoming collections are The Cabinetmaker’s Window and To the Bramble and the Briar. He works as a cabinetmaker and lives in Summit Point, West Virginia.