Sarah Rose Nordgren

Your Server for This Evening

I slice a wedge of lime, slitting
the center so it holds to the glass.

I wipe the frost from the lip
of the plate with a cloth,

then touch it to my face, tenderly.
What you ordered was

specific, but you are patient
while I travel to the freezer,

searching out your favorite meal.
You are able to discern

between blue ice and blue-gray
ice with your eyes closed.

I know your habits better than
you know my name and your palate

is the bible from which I learn
my verses. How you cover

your lap with the napkin and
which bones you taste first

from the sugar skeleton,
show me that you are a gentle,

lonely person. No wonder
you pay so handsomely for

my company—you think I need
another reason to adore you.

Sarah Rose Nordgren grew up in Durham, NC, and currently lives in Cincinnati, OH. Her first book, Best Bones, will be published by the University of Pittsburg Press in Fall 2014.