Marcus Wicker

When academia tells me only a fool believes in a God that he can’t see


I draw them in from a crowded street with a wink

& an eye toward the big guy’s

wallet. I sink into myself

into my spot        behind the cardboard box

dropped— just here, a prop.           Keep your eyes on the Ace

of hearts.           Not the ping ponging pair

of clubs.      Watch

the watch.      Just my white gold

watch      not the wrists

flickering      windshield wipers

shuffling      gloved hands

not this hand over hand watch

we keep over one another’s

peach sunsets    one’s palm trees

& green leaves      one’s narcotic happiness or

holiness      when the heart

of the matter        is the magic

is me.

Marcus Wicker is the author of Maybe the Saddest Thing (Harper Perenial), a National Poetry Series winner, and Silencer (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, forthcoming September 2017).