Lance Larsen

Work Experience

Well, let’s see, in my life as a lizard I lost my tail twice; as a penny I was never heads; as a foxglove I spread my pollen helter-skelter thanks to bees that buffeted and ants that climbed; as an abacus I always favored the geishas; as a saxophone I busked sad ballads in trains at eighty-five miles of darkness per hour; as a cookbook I savored spills; as a bandanna I covered the mouth of a Congolese rebel till he coughed blood; as a wormy apple I was eaten by a lovely mare but never took root; as a rabbit’s foot I glowed orange and multiplied people’s bad luck; as a soldier fly I had no organ to drink with but lord what papery wings; as a storm cloud I herded picnickers into their dented cars and kept the bluff to myself; as a used dictionary I tore in half between lusty and lute; as a vase I drank air; as a funeral wreath I comforted no one; as a sucker I traveled mouth to mouth between two sisters on a bus, their teeth like wet guardians, cherry no raspberry, sweet I know I was sweet.

Lance Larsen, poet laureate of Utah, is the author of four poetry collections, most recently Genius Loci. A professor at BYU, he recently directed a study abroad program in Madrid.