J. Allyn Rosser

Throne Switch Thrown

No breath lingers in the slackened wind – then,
no wind. The precious stuff of sky extends its fluff
like unwound insulation: one lumpy shroud
has spread itself too thin, too thoroughly, too over all.
Bunting backing nothing.
Nest of intentlessness.

                      A sudden shudderlight
                                              asks its electric

save by dumbfounded faith
and a natural rattle of elements,
redundant and unmetrical,
the roar of some
unthinking king.

There. The wind has died
or been calmed.
The sky just then lit up
or was lit. Still or stilled,
numb or benumbed –
absolute in its unnerving.

J. Allyn Rosser is the author of Bright Moves, Misery Prefigured, and Foiled Again. She teaches at Ohio University, where she edits New Ohio Review.