Adam Vines

After Tom Wesselmann’s Great American Nude #57, 1964

Daffodil demi-bob,
satsuma bedpost,

pouty curtains—
and he dipped
from the same heel

of his palette
for her vulcanized

nipples that he did
for the crevice
of her mouth.

The beach and ocean
nuzzle one another
out the window.

Black stars behave
within the angle iron

of her Oh-My arm.
The cheetah chaise longue
beneath her

ripples its pattern
of runes, vertebrae,

knuckles, shark teeth.
A parched veldt
of public hair erupts.

Adam Vines is an assistant professor at UAB, author of The Coal Life (U of Arkansas Press), and editor of Birmingham Poetry Review. His recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry, Southwest Review, and Gulf Coast, among others.