32 Hair Salons

The Hair & Now
Dyed and Gone to Heaven
The Shorning
Hair of the Dame
Bargain Bouffant
Grays Away
Her Royal Hairness
Product Pavilion
Dream a Little Blonde Come True
The Perm Pad
The Perpetual Brunette
I Can’t Believe it’s Dyed!
The Myth of Hirsuit-y
The Flaxen Fortnight
Life’s a Bleach
The Mane Attraction
Tress of the D’Ubervilles
Miller’s Highlights
Curl Up and Dye
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Shear Effrontery
Lightshears Ahead
Daddy’s Curl
To Dye For
Layer, Lady, Layer
Put a Ringlet on It
Sam the Shampooer
The Locksmith
The Lock Ness