32 Failed TV Pilots Based On Classic Poems

Curated by Dan O’Brien and members of the writers’ room of Playing House Season 2 on USA Network, co-creators Jessica St. Claire & Lennon Parham, and show-runner Anthony King

1. Two and a Half Hollow Men
2. Teen Wolf: Howl
3. That’s So The Raven
4. I Hear American Idols Singing
5. The Dr. Ozymandias Show
6. CSI: Woods on a Snowy Evening
7. Chicago Fire and Ice
8. 2 Broke Girls who could not stop for Death
9. Rime of the Ancient Gilligan
10. Paradise: Lost
11. Ariel LIVE! on NBC starring Alison Williams (and Christopher Walken)
12. Major Daddy
13. 227 Mercy Street
14. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Tonight Show with Dylan Thomas
15. The Love Boat of J. Alfred Prufrock
16. My Big Fat Grecian Urn
17. WKRP in Paterson
18. The Idea of Baywatch at Key West
19. The Idea of Law and Order at Key West: Special Victims Unit
20. HBO’s Deaf Poetry Jam
21. The Real Housewives of Spoon River
22. The Transtromers: Robots in Disguise
23. American Horror Story: Apparition of These Faces in a Station of the LA Metro
24. Celebrity Poet-Laureate Rehab
25. Better Call Bukowski
26. The Art of Losing Lbs.
27. ¡Sábado Gigante with Pablo Neruda!
28. Don’t Trust the Theme for English B
29. The Easter Bunny is Comin’ to Town, 1916
30. How Do I Love Thee, Raymond?
31. Downtern Abbey
32. Juliana Gray’s Anatomy