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A Poetry Editor Dishes…

April 20, 2010

Deborah Ager talked with 32 Poems editor John Poch about what he looks for in a poem, the process of writing poems, and the places where he’s had the most trouble getting his own work published.

DA: In writer bios, we often get lists of awards, books, and other publications. Rarely do I read what inspired a writer to pick up a pen and attempt to write a poem. What do you remember about what compelled you to write? When did you start writing?
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We interview poets we publish, and now I’m sharing an interview between The Southeast Review and yours truly.

Q: Though relatively new to the publishing world, 32 Poems has already become a respected source for talented poets. How do you and your editors select the poems for each issue?


1. Not only are you a contributor to 32 Poems, you are also a professor of literature and writing at The Catholic University of America and have won the Larry Neal Award for Poetry twice. Which of these do you find most rewarding and why? Could you explain how you felt about winning the Larry […]