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During National Poetry Month, I accepted entries to win one of two poetry books.

I’m pleased to announce that Dan Johnson won a copy of my very own Midnight Voices.

Shelly Holder won a copy of Pablo Neruda’s Twenty Love Songs and a Poem of Despair.

Please email your address to deborah (at) 32poems [.] com.


To celebrate National Poetry month, several poetry bloggers agreed to offer free poetry books via their blogs. In most cases, the blogger poet offers one copy of their own book and one book belonging to a poet whose work they love — all free!

To enter your name, post a comment on any of the blogs below. Be sure to post your comment in the blog post about the contest in order to be considered.

Of course, we’re giving away free poetry books here at 32 Poems. Be sure to enter the contest. We’ll put all the names in a hat and pull out the winners.

Support your fellow poets by subscribing to 32 Poems Magazine.

1. Book of Kells – Kelli Russell Agodon

2. Being Poetry – Erin Hollowell

3. The Alchemist’s Kitchen – Susan Rich

4. More Words – Amylia Grace

5. This Room Has a Ghost – Stephanie Goehring

6. One Man’s Trash – Justin Evans

7. Myself the only Kangaroo among the Beauty – Sandy Longhorn

8. A View From the Potholes – Marie Gauthier

9. Kristin Berkey-Abbott

10. One Poet’s Notes – Edward Byrne

11. Off the Page – Drew Myron

12. Put Words Together. Make Meaning. – Donna Vorreyer

13. Litwindowpane – Suzanne Frischkorn

14. Blogalicious – Diane Lockward

15. 58 Inches – Jessie Carty

16. Write on Water – Natalie Tyler

17. Sherry Chandler

18. Stars in my Sugar Bowl – Julie Bloss Kelsey

19. Movie Confessional – Lana Hechtman Ayers

20. Gigantic Sequins – Kimberly Ann Southwick

21. B.O.K (Surrogate blog) – Rachel Contreni Flynn

22. Advancing Poetry – Caroline M. Davies

23. Victoria Chang

24. Elsewhere: One Writer’s Travels – Matthew Thorburn

25. The Deep Middle – Benjamin Vogt

26. Alphabet Soup – Jama Rattigan

27. Both Fires – Molly Spencer

28. Supple Amounts – Ron Mohring

29. Writing Without Paper – Maureen

30. Sturgeon’s Law – Steve Schroeder

31. Everyday Bright – Jennifer Gresham

32. Portrait of a Sometimes Artist – Ronda Broatch

33. 32 Poems – Deborah Ager

34. Blue Positive – Martha Silano

35. Sunslick Starfish – Ching-In Chen

36. Improvisations – Mallery Koons

37. may i have a word with you – Evie Shockley

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Please visit the 2011 giveaway page. Karen Maezen Miller and Kelli Russell Agodon gave me the idea to give away TWO books in celebration of National Poetry Month. It’s hard to give away books I like. That’s part of the reason I want to do it. The Skinny on the Free Book Giveaway I will […]


To celebrate National Poetry Month, Deborah Ager will interview 32 Poems editor John Poch. Have you ever wanted to ask a poetry editor of a national magazine questions about publishing, writing, and poetry? Well, guess what? Post your questions in the comments here, and I’ll ask John. We’ll post the interview right here on April […]


It’s the cruel month, everyone. It’s April and time to care about poetry. Whether April as poetry month accomplishes what it set out to accomplish, I’ll never know. However, I do know that spring makes me want to read more. I’m ready to buy a whole load of books (mostly poetry) to last me through […]