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Atlantic Center for the Arts

Please Feed the Artists

What better way to see the world or your country while having time and space (and food) to write? If you are looking for writing residencies, explore the resources below.

Thanks to David Licata, I found this list of deadlines for residencies around the world. What angel put together these residency deadlines for the rest of us?

Here are places to look for residencies and, in some cases, deadlines:

Mira’s List
Res Artists
A Big, Fat List of Residencies

You can read more about a typical stay at The MacDowell Colony



August 27, 2009

Visit the 32 Poems website. We redesigned it. One day, I’ll move this blog over there.

I wish MacDowell would have their parties in Washington, DC. They have them in NY, which makes sense given all the artists live there. Yet and yet.


Congratulations to friend and 32 Poems contributor Erika Meitner. Her book, Ideal Cities, won the National Poetry Series and will be published by Harper Collins.


I still go back and forth about whether I should use italics online. What do you think?


Someone gave me good advice. Work on it (it=something I care about deeply) and everything else will fall into place. A few weeks after I was told that advice, an unusual email landed in my in box that is part of the everything-falling-into-place category.


I’m 9,000 words into my novel draft.