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AWP Blogger Roundup

April 12, 2010

Notes from writers who did and did not attend AWP:

AWP Report: Political Poetry

Mary Doty luxuriates and examines the psychological boot camp

How Oliver de la Paz Ruined My AWP Experience

Best thing overheard yesterday:
“I don’t really know what they do here, but I know they all look like they are in pain. I think they are all writers.”
–Convention Center person answering question from a participant of the Auto Show next door

Adam Rubenstein gets dramatic.


My big confession about the AWP Conference? I barely attend panels. I’m more interested in talking with friends and meeting people we’ve published.

The Colorado Convention Center does not believe in hydrating its guests. You will find no water available in the halls — unlike previous AWPs — because this convention center wants you to buy expensive bottles of water from the various cafes inside the hall. And you need water in Denver since it’s so dry there.

On the good side, I would be happy to have the conference in this space every year for the rest of my life. Although Denver proves to be a haul from DC, we had space to breathe and move. In 2003, all the panels took place in the main hotel where the majority of the people stayed. The elevators could not keep up with demand. People tried using the stairwells and got trapped if they were not guests with passcards. A Big Mess.

AWP outdid themselves choosing this space. Live and learn, I suppose. The panels mostly took place in the convention center, which left the hotels less crowded than they would otherwise be.

The MFA@UFL reunion was this afternoon. My fellow MFAers from the 1800s showed up. One person publishes a book every time I change my clothes. He’s one of the most productive people I know. A few of the current grad students arrived. I’d met with them about their poetry just the week before at The University of Florida in Gainesville (not Tallahassee, folks).

At some point, I attended the Craig Arnold tribute. I had some serious trouble deciding which panel to attend. It seemed the panels I most wanted to attend took place in the same slot. Other times, there was absolutely no panel that piqued my interest.

Husband attended several panels. I will be reviewing his notes.

Which panel was I most sad to miss? The Donald Revell/Tony Hoagland panel. Thankfully, January O’Neill took notes.


AWP Recap 2010

April 10, 2010

Upon arrival in Denver, we walked around the neighborhood before heading back to the hotel for the free wine happy hour. The hour did make us happier after being crunched up in economy seats on the plane. Is there such a thing as economy when it comes to buying plane tickets? We arrived at The […]


What Really Happened at AWP

February 15, 2009

This year, my number one priority was to spend time with friends. Number two was the 32 Poems table. Number three was buying books. On the plane, I ran into a friend (not associated with the Association W.P.) and the two hours passed quickly. We shared a taxi to the Palmer House, and her business […]


A big thanks to Kim Roberts for compiling this list of DC-area writers and magazines heading to AWP. If you’re attending the AWP Conference, be sure to look for the 32 Poems table. We’re giving away a free issue of 32 Poems. Free is good. —————- Are you going to the AWP Conference in Chicago […]