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Literary House Party AWP

February 3, 2011

Come one and come four. 32 Poems, Drunken Boat, Born, Defunct and Tuesday: An Art Project meld minds and join forces to offer a literary house party during the AWP 2011 Conference.

Date: Friday, February 4 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location:The Biltmore, 1977 Biltmore St., DC (5 minutes from AWP)

With performances by Daniel Nester, Don Share, Ander Monson, Lia Purpura, Melanie Henderson, Patrick Rosal, Garret Socol, DeLana Dameron, Bernadette Geyer.

32 POEMS is just that—a journal of thirty-two poems, one to a page. They’re available in print biannually, for a total of 64 poems a year.

DRUNKEN BOAT is one of the oldest online arts journals, dedicated to exposure of literary, visual, digital, and cross-media work from around the world.

DEFUNCT is a twice-annual publication featuring writing on all things defunct. New issues appear in April and October.

BORN MAGAZINE is an experimental venue marrying literary arts and multimedia.


Give Lit for the Holidays!

November 21, 2010

Yesterday, while in the mall, I overheard a sales clerk say, “See you back here next week on Black Friday!” And, I thought, it’s Thanksgiving next week!

That means the holiday shopping season is on us. I know, some of you have already bought all of your presents but not me. Why? Well, I don’t have that many to buy and I’ve become fascinated with watching people shop on days like Black Friday. I’m a regular mall walker, so the new influx of shoppers messes up my flow a bit but it is fun to pick out the: Husband who has no idea what to buy, the power Grandma shopper, the kid who got their gift cards early . . .

But, I digress. What I am hear to talk about is what a terrific gift literature can make for the holidays. I’m gearing up for a post on my own blog with specific suggestions, but here is the blog I made last year. The list goes through some poetry, fiction, non-fiction and even books on writing, but you know what is missing from that list? A separate section for literary magazines. I do mention a few magazines but I want to really promote the idea of purchasing magazine subscriptions for Christmas gifts.

When you purchase just a book or gift card, that is a one-time gift. When you purchase a subscription, you’re giving something that will come quarterly, twice a year etc. And, unlike the pie-of-the-month-club, a literary magazine won’t make you fat…well…maybe unless there is a particular sad poem that makes you really, really, really need a piece of chocolate.

The only issue with giving a subscription is that you need to know what the person might like. I say: ask them. As I noted in the blog post I mentioned above, readers love to talk about what they are reading. You could also check out their shelves or have one of their children or significant others do that for you. What do they already subscribe to? What is comparable? Could you extend a subscription? Is there something you have read that blew you away and you know you just had to gift that same magazine to your friend? (Like 32 poems!)

You may wonder if you’ll have your lit mag in time to wrap it for the holiday. When you order the subscription, send a message to the publisher and ask for a back issue (or current issue) to be sent to you so you can wrap that issue and note that the subscription is coming. You could also visit a copy shop and have an inexpensive color picture of the magazines website or cover printed so you can enclose that in an envelope with a card for your gift recipient or along with a nice piece of chocolate (again, I know, the chocolate). Other ideas fair readers?

I’ve been the recipient of two different literary magazine subscriptions and for a poet/adjunct English teacher, having someone else spend the money on a magazine really is a gift. Maybe even a nice enough surprise that you, the gift giver, will find yourself under the mistletoe . . .

(stop by Jessie’s blog on 11-22-10 for this year’s holiday shopping guide. We love people who leave other suggestions in comments)


November 1, 2010 12:35 am 32poems: #Poetparty starts in 25 minutes. Hope to see you there. cc @robertleebrewer 12:54 am 32poems: See you at #poetparty tonight 9 pm ET? @stephkarto @poetic_line @mrsmetaphor @evelynnalfred @theamericanpoet @eireannoir #poettalk 12:57 am ClickWisdom: RT @32poems: See you at #poetparty tonight 9 pm ET? #poettalk 12:59 am 32poems: Are you […]


32 Poems on WYPR Radio

September 13, 2010

You can now listen to the archived radio show.


To celebrate National Poetry Month, Deborah Ager will interview 32 Poems editor John Poch. Have you ever wanted to ask a poetry editor of a national magazine questions about publishing, writing, and poetry? Well, guess what? Post your questions in the comments here, and I’ll ask John. We’ll post the interview right here on April […]