Chapbook Project Accepting Submissions

February 27, 2009

Adam Deutsch is making a little chapbook. The project sounds cool. See the description and decide if you want to send him some poems.


The VCCA gave me the opportunity to THINK. How many mama-poets can get that kind of time? Three-year-old children are adorable, and they also like to talk. All that talking means it’s hard for mama to have an uninterrupted thought.

I’ve written more poems than I would have at home. I have close to 10K words on a project I started recently, and I have an idea for a new project geared towards children. This was a wisp of an idea a few weeks ago, and this time away has allowed my idea to become more certain, more solidified, more here. These non-poem projects were a bit of a surprise and happened because I had the mental space to think about them.


Where are the residencies that support parent artists? VCCA is one of the few to allow residencies shorter than one month.

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