Poetry Workshop

January 12, 2009

Have you every wanted to take a poetry workshop but the classes were held too far away? Perhaps you did not have the money to pay for one? Perhaps you could not bear to spend 8-14 weeks in a classroom again?

Are you someone who enjoys writing prompts?

Then, the monthly Guardian poetry workshop might be the answer for you. It’s free. It’s voluntary. It’s online. It’s not a class or traditional workshop.

Anyone who wants can write a poem based on a poet’s prompt and then send it to the poet via The Guardian. If the poet likes your work, they will comment on it in an article, and the poem may be posted to the website. You could write the prompt and not send it in at all. No one has to know. It can be your little secret.

To recap, a poet invites you to write a poem every month and then that poet picks his or her favorites from the submissions and writes an article about them.

Is this not a brilliant idea? I want to kiss the very foundation of The Guardian’s office building!

What might February bring?

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