Warm Cookies and Edna Millay’s Work Habits

January 9, 2009

For a present, someone gave me Trader Joes’ gluten-free peanut butter cookies. You have to keep them frozen until use. When I opened the package, each piece of dough was a neat, small, brown tower. Once I put these little dough towers into the oven, the kitchen filled with the smell of sugar and peanut butter. Yum! Now I have to wait five whole minutes for them to cool down before I can eat them. I might have to add these cookies to my writing work habits.

A few of you wrote to say you enjoyed my sharing the work habits of Trollope, so I thought I’d share one from ESVM (Edna St. Vincent Millay). I often run to the library, check out half the books available and don’t have time to read them all. Okay, maybe I only check out 20% of the library at a time. =-) I can never seem to get all the way through Savage Beauty, which is Edna St. Vincent Millay’s biography. I made my way through a good chunk of it and had to return it. Then, I borrowed it again and had to return it. The last time I borrowed it, I found one interesting tidbit about her work style…

She would write drafts in a notebook — think spiral bound with the pages facing one another — and she’d write the draft on the right side and a revision on the left.

This makes so much sense! I write my drafts all over the place. Now, this doesn’t really bother me too much as I don’t tend to go back and peruse my drafts for any reason. However, I do like being organized. Going forward, I’m going to try this out. Who knows what I’ll do if I go beyond two drafts. I could get really wild and crazy and turn the page to write on the next sheet. Alors! Don’t tell anyone…

Off I go to eat a warm, peanut butter cookie…

What do you do to organize your drafts?

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