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December 4, 2008

As you know, Christmas is coming. We’re all trying to save money while getting great gifts for our loved ones. I know I myself am not sure what to get everyone on my list this year.

Well, how about 32 Poems for yourself or a friend?

32 Poems continues to publish the newest voices who soon become nationally-known, award-winning poets: Caki Wilkinson, David Roderick, Alison Stine, Paula Bohince, James Hoch, to name a few.

32 Poems publishes outstanding work — see the next Best American Poets or read the reviews.

32 Poems makes it easy for you to order a gift subscription or two.

32 Poems looks cool, too.

Did we mention it’s easy to order?

Click on the link below right now, and you can pay with Paypal AND get a Free issue.

The Free Issue will automatically be added to your order.

$20 for two years. (Save $8 Plus Get 1 Free Issue!)
$14 for one year. (Plus Get 1 Free Issue!)

Be patriotic. Be thrifty. By all means, be cool. Order now.

Thanks for reading this! We really do need your help. We publish 32 Poems almost completely through the money we get from subscriptions. We continue with your support.

Always readable, always affordable, always already, always yours,

Deborah Ager and John Poch

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