7 Things About Deborah

March 20, 2008

Gosh, that title sounds so narcissistic. However, Reality Writes tagged me to write 7 things about myself, so here I go:

  1. I hosted a radio show called “8 Pairs of Don Alphonso’s Tweezers.”
  2. With PositiveForce, I used to organize rock concerts to raise money for causes such as victims of the El Salvadoran bank collapse and domestic violence centers.
  3. In one of my early jobs, I answered phones at a sign language interpreting agency. I had to learn ASL and then run down hallways to fingerspell the names of people calling for the deaf people.
  4. One of my goals is to walk the Appalachian trail.
  5. I was Casca in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in 6th grade, and Act 3 scene 1 was my favorite, because I actually got to do something.
  6. I’ve seen a tornado from one block away.
  7. As a child, I’d read The Washington Star, The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Time and Newsweek and watched Louis Rukeyser with my dad.

BONUS ONE: I used to live in Iowa where I drove 15 miles to do laundry — one time having to stop in the road to allow a flock of pheasants to cross — and 50 miles for Chinese food or even something as exotic as Taco Bell.

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