7 Things You Should Know About Being a Poet

December 20, 2007

Thanks to Eduardo Corral for the link to 7 Things You Should Know About Being a Poet.

That title led me to wonder what seven things do I want people to know about being a poet? I’ll write my list below. Then, you write one. Please post it in the comments or provide a link in the comments to your blog post about this subject.

  1. Writing is addictive.
  2. Few will understand why you write poetry since it’s not lucrative.
  3. If you find those who do understand, consider marrying them.
  4. Writing is meditation at times.
  5. You will surprise yourself with your choosiness regarding pencils and pens.
  6. You’ll get really tired of the “Is Poetry Dead?” debate.
  7. Come November of every year, you’ll start asking everyone: “Are you going to AWP?”

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