Creative Writing Prompt

December 19, 2007

Choose one of the following and please do it when writing your poem:

1. Take a pungent food and place it by your desk. Inhale the scent frequently as you compose your poem. One poet used overly ripe apples. When I read this requirement, I think of sauerkraut.
2. Remove all of your clothes and write your poem. John Ashbery’s idea.
3. Keeping your clothes on, write a poem while walking down the street.

Please include the following:
1. Use the apostrophe: Example: O, lordy lord lord.
2. Use a made-up animal name. Example: A whoozit.
3. Use a scientific word; it can be real. Example: Whoozitology.
4. Use punctuation you don’t normally use such as a ; or a — or even a …

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