One Poem Per Day & A Creative Writing Prompt

December 10, 2007

This month is a NaPoWriMo of sorts. A group I’m in decided to write a poem draft each day this month.

As always, life takes us in unexpected directions. A few of my friends have been dealing with sad — possibly life-and-death — news, and my thoughts are with them. These past few months taught me, more than I ever knew before, that I have to filter out some of what’s going on when there are too many things going on for one person to handle at one time.

I take them one by one and continue to write. By the way, even the good news can be distracting at times.


A prompt for you. This is based loosely on a prompt someone gave in our poem-a-day group.

The Anagram Poem
1. Think up a title long enough to give you many other words. In my example, I wrote a poem called marriage. Words you can make from marriage include: gear, ream, rage.

2. Using the anagram software below, figure out what words exist in your title word(s). Try to make them at least four letters (not including ‘s’). Get at least 6 words from your title word(s).

3. Write a 14-line poem using the 6 words anywhere in your poem.

Reference: Anagram Software

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