Poetry Month, Day 18*: Mark Cox Recommends New Ohio Review

April 18, 2013

In the Seventies, when I was introduced to “little magazines” (yes, that’s what we called them), one of the first periodicals I read was The Ohio Review. Founded by Wayne Dodd and Stan Plumly, and edited by Dodd for some thirty years, that venerable magazine published some of the best poetry, author interviews, and craft symposia in the nation. Then, in 2001, when Dodd retired, so did the magazine, and that was that.

So, since 2007, when New Ohio Review was born, I’ve watched eagerly to see just how it would measure up. I have not been disappointed. Editor Jill Allyn Rosser has overseen the development of NOR as a front rank venue for significant contemporary literature.  Recognized primarily as a poetry journal  (although they do publish nonfiction and fiction), NOR has received enthusiastic praise from such notable poets and editors as Robert Pinsky, Eleanor Wilner, Tony Hoagland, Billy Collins, David Lehman, and Denise Duhamel.  And with good reason—the editors are selective and have an eye for outstanding work. Seven poems appearing in the journal over the last three years have been reprinted in the Best American Poetry series (one in the 2013 25th Anniversary Best of the Best edition), another four poems have won Pushcart Prizes, and a story has been reprinted in Best American Short Stories.

In short, I highly recommend checking out New Ohio Review. The writing is terrific and every issue has an inspired feature section (one was entitled “Six Poets on Six Movies”) you won’t find anywhere else.  Given her workload, Jill Rosser may shudder at this thought, but perhaps she is on her way to her own thirty-year run?

Mark Cox

*Throughout Poetry Month 32 Poems will use this space to praise presses, journals, and readings series that bring poetry to us in a special way. Our hope is that we can point new fans in their direction and publicly thank editors and curators for their work. Check in with us again tomorrow for another poet’s recommendation.

Mark Cox’s latest book is Natural Causes (Pitt Poetry Series).  He also recently edited Jack Myers’ posthumous The Memory of Water (New Issues).  He teaches at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and in the Vermont College MFA Program.

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