Oh, the Sweet Taste of Victory

May 2, 2007

Many of you have no idea what I do for a living.

I’m a search engine marketer. I help businesses get found on the web by their clients, and this often means good pay-per-click campaigns or a top 10 search rank on Google.

Recently, one of my clients was lower in the Google search rankings than a competitor. This competitor was using keywords that were barely legal (using stolen content) and that were in direct competition with my client. So…

In the background, I’ve been working to get my client higher on search results than the competitor. If the competitor disappears forever, even better.

In the past week, bingo! My client now has the highest positions, and the quality of the search on those keywords is better. The top 6 (out of 10) now go to web pages associated with my client. All right!

I’m also considering contacting Google to let them know that the competitor has stolen content on their web site. Oh, yes. I am a web geek.

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