Confession Tuesday

April 26, 2011

Happy Confession Tuesday! Share a bit about YOU today.

I confess I’m happy that Randall Weiss interviewed Collin Kelley because he met Collin via the Twitter Poet Party. I confess that I hoped these kinds of connections would be made when I started Poet Party. (Follow hashtag #poetparty on Twitter at 9 pm ET on Sundays)

I confess to writing in form and to wondering why I spent so many years only writing free verse.

I confess to loving Confession Tuesday. I look forward to blog posts like this and this.

When I see Spinal Tap on the same sign as Robert Hass (see photo), I confess that I smile. Has Robert Hass watched Spinal Tap?

I am surprised that more people have not dropped their name into the hat to get a free poetry book.

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