Charlie Jensen on DC

February 6, 2011

Charlie Jensen wrote a blog post about how to survive in Washington, DC during the AWP Conference. A few of his suggestions and comments are so 100% true that I find them hilarious.

Our weather is unpredictable, but one thing you can be sure of is that it will be unbearable. Be sure to pack the following:

Umbrellas (2–1 will fail due to high winds and/or be stolen)
A swimming suit or board shorts
A parka
A light cardigan/tank top set
A warm hat
Crocs (just kidding–are you even reading this?)

Socializing with the locals
You can identify most DC residents easily, as they begin conversations this way:

“Hello! I am [DC Resident’s name].”
“Hi, nice to meet you.”
“Yes, it is. What do you do?”

Recommendation: do not reveal you work in the arts, are an artist, enjoy art, or advocate for arts funding. Instead, say, “I am a lobbyist.” This will make most people vanish into thin air.

Be sure to visit Charlie’s blog.

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