Want to Join the Poet Party?

November 21, 2010

We had 70 people at a recent Poet Party. Would you like to join us?

Are you curious how you can participate in the Poet Party?

I hope to answer all of your questions here. If I don’t, please post them in the comments and I will revise this post to include answers to your questions.

When is the Poet Party Held?

This chat takes place every Sunday night at 9 pm ET.

Who Started the Poet Party?

Deborah Ager of 32 Poems started Poet Party. Poets Collin Kelley, D. A. Powell, Susan Rich, Kelli Russell Agodon, Aimee Nezhukumatathil participated in the first one. We tweeted lines of our poems and asked and answered questions. D. A. Powell worked some of the tweets into a poem.

How do I participate?

Use a Hashtag. Please use the #poetparty hashtag when you post tweets related to the Poet Party chat. This will help everyone participating find your tweet and will ensure your tweet shows up in the transcript.

How to Reply to Questions

When I tweet out a question, I will use Q1 for question one and so on. When you reply, please use A1 if you are answering question one, A2 if you are answering question two and so on. The Twitter stream moves rather fast. Using these markers will help us know what you are referring to during the chat.

Use Software to Track the Chat

Software such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or TweetGrid can help you follow the hashtag, @-replies sent to you, direct messages, etc. Once you install the software, you will be able to organize these streams into columns.

How Do I Become a Guest?

So far, I’ve been taking guests from the active poetry Twitter community. I’ve chatted with Robert Lee Brewer (Writer’s Digest) about his November poem-a-day program and with Reb Livingston (No Tell Motel Magazine/Books) about her poetry press and publishing. Soon, I’ll be chatting with Eric Weinstein about his new book Vivsection (New Michigan Press).

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