Creative Process: The Newest Book

March 11, 2010

The newest book of all is the one living in your mind. Do you put it on paper? Do you speak it out loud only at night? Do you whisper it to the trees?

Putting the words on paper can be scary, thrilling, aggravating.

Are you writing your second book? They ask. Who asks? Who are “they”?

They. They are always out there having a margarita and giving advice.

Yes, I do have a second book. A book-in-waiting. A book-in-writing. Or revising.

I want my revision to be radical. I don’t know if it needs to be radical. All I know is to follow instinct. Sometimes, I put this instinct into words for others. That becomes teaching.

Where does instinct from from? Years of practice. I’ve practiced for decades. I’m not a guru though. I’m a student. I learn something new every time I meet that blank page. I will always choose to be a student.

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