Blizzard 2010: Knocked Down and Dragged Out

February 11, 2010


Originally uploaded by oceanrica

First, I am wondering if the large white thing behind me in this photo is a beached whale or a fallen tree. Perhaps it is a bleached wall? I won’t know for certain until the snow disappears.

If it IS a tree, I am curious what Ms. Manners would say if I shove it back into the neighbor’s yard. Isn’t it enough that their tree knocked my fence down? Must insult be added to injury in requiring me to remove it?

I’m happy to say I’ve written fourteen poems in fourteen days. I have sixteen more to go for the 30 Days of Poetry Challenge.

What else, you ask? What more could you want from this blog post?

Well, if you insist.

I shoveled 150-250 lbs of snow from my property. I am taking seventeen ibuprofen and eating a house.

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