Submission Guideline Changes

October 27, 2009

Since John Poch will be editing 32 Poems from afar next spring, we will not be reading manuscripts via regular mail after December 1. If you wish to submit poems between December 1, 2009 and May 1, 2010, please email your poems to us at 32poems at gmail dot com. As you know, we do not read from May 1 till August 31.

Email the poems (less than 5, please) in one MS Word doc or docx file. The cover letter should be sent as the body of the gmail.

As usual, we prefer shorter lyric poems that fit on a single page, but we sometimes bend the rules to fit other extraordinary work. Do NOT email other materials, promotional, correspondence, or otherwise, to this address. Please query us after 3 months if you still have not heard a reply concerning your poems. We aim to keep our response time at less than 2 months. We will go back to our ordinary postal submission process in September 2010.

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