Dim Sum in Silver Spring, MD

May 27, 2009

Dim Sum in Silver Spring, MD

Dim Sum in Silver Spring, MD

About three years ago, several us went into dim sum comas from the amazing dim sum at Oriental East in Silver Spring, MD. See that link for a photo of two good-looking men and one adorable child (not mine).

This past weekend had me out with my San Diego friend for one — perhaps final — DC hurrah. Now that said friend’s sister has graduated and her husband has graduated, it looks like I’ll have to get myself and some other selves out to San Diego. Oh, the agony to visit California. I’m suffering at the thought of it. Yeah.

Thanks to C. Dale Young for telling me about Skymiles, because I’ve taken one free trip to CA in first class and hope to take another next year. Oh, to be in first class with a newborn! It was devilishly fun to see the expressions on people’s faces as they must have expected her to scream, cry or otherwise freak out. She did not.

And here. And there. I’ve not even talked in detail about the dim sum. What I eat at dim sum is beyond me. I prefer the savory. If it has scallions, that is good. If it’s crunchy, that is good. The daughter branched out and ate a lemon-like Chinese pudding or custard despite her declaration that she doesn’t like Chinese food.

Thank goodness for the coffee shop down the street. Somehow the bitter coffee cuts through all that dim sum grease and prevents me from turning into a grease puddle right then and there.

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