Aesthetics are not Empathy

April 6, 2015

Contributor’s Marginalia: Elizabeth Barnett on “Training Course” by Amit Majmudar It’s comforting to think bad politics makes bad language and so bad art. That was the balm of the Bush era Daily Show: if we’re smart enough, we will also be good. Amit Majmudar’s “Training Course” might be read as the Obama-era answer to that optimism, revealing how sophisticated […]

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Prose Feature: Domestic Commotion: A Review of Lilah Hegnauer’s PANTRY (Hub City Press, 2014), by Cassie Pruyn

April 3, 2015

Though the setting of Pantry is undoubtedly the kitchen, the metonym and microcosm of the domestic sphere, there is nothing precious or mundane about Lilah Hegnauer’s poems. Her use of language—whip-smart and elegant—pulls the reader immediately into the realm of the uncertain; right away, we are careening down the page, with the first title also […]

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The Cure

March 30, 2015

Contributor’s Marginalia: Rob Griffith on “Bald” by Enid Shomer I should admit it at the beginning: I’m a sucker for a good poem about mortality.  Give me Death sweeping into the room in a swirl of black, flashing his bone-grin left and right at the crowded café tables, and I’m in.  Let him point a bony digit at some […]

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“Poetry As a Way of Thinking: An Interview with James Arthur” by Emilia Phillips

March 27, 2015

James Arthur is the author of Charms Against Lightning (Copper Canyon Press 2012). His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic, Poetry, The New York Review of Books, and The American Poetry Review. He has received a Hodder Fellowship, a Stegner Fellowship, the Amy Lowell Travelling Poetry Scholarship, and a Discovery/The Nation […]

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A Wholesome Vanity

March 23, 2015

Contributor’s Marginalia: L.S. Klatt on “I Must Be a God” by Gregory Fraser Is audacity essential for poetry? Does the composer have to vaunt herself in order to make herself heard? Walt Whitman believed that the lyric impulse requires a self-aggrandizing gesture. What else are we to make of a “Song of Myself” that unashamedly woos the ego to […]

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