32 Classrooms

In our 32 Classrooms initiative 32 Poems partners with high school and undergraduate instructors in an effort to help introduce young writers to a wide variety of contemporary poetry and to the practice of literary editing.

Students in participating classes read the current 32 Poems and have the opportunity to interact with the magazine in a variety of ways, including writing an original poem that responds to or imitates the work they admire or authoring a writer’s response that analyzes one or more poems from the issue. At the end of each semester, we encourage students to submit these pieces for publication consideration, with select pieces appearing on the 32 Poems blog.

Additionally, the editors of 32 Poems and recent contributors engage classrooms via Skype (or, when possible, in-person) to answer students’ questions regarding submission, evaluation, and the editing processes. Most importantly, 32 Poems is dedicated to maintaining a close relationship with participating classrooms and working with instructors to provide the assistance and materials that best benefit each particular class.

Interested instructors should contact Associate Editor Matt Morton at mattmorton@32poems.com.